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Ann J.

Paris, France

I contracted tuberculosis in the 80's and had huge lesions on my skin ever since. I submerged myself three times in HOLY WATER and my doctor stated that miraculously I was completely cured. 23 days later this was confirmed by Xrays. The Church judgement established that this cure was complete, lasting, instant and obtained without any form of human interference,  therefore must be considered as a miracle.

Mario G.

Arizona, United States

This Absolutely WORKS! This Holy Water is the only thing which stopped the unbearable poltergeist/spirit activity in my household… permanently. I sprinkle Holy  Water most night while I bless my children and occasionally I spray my whole house with Holy Water out of a mister while praying. There have been sounds and shadows ever since the triple murder in my house in the 1960's. Thank you and God Bless you for this amazing Miracle Water.

Lucy H.

Cheshire, England

I suffered from a brain hemorrhage resulting in a coma. I was immediately put on life support but my condition quickly deteriorated, My parents decided to bring in a priest to baptize me and say their last goodbyes. When the priest administered the Holy Water, my arm shot into the air and my life was saved. The hospital doctors were unable to medically account for my amazing recovery & described my cure as a miracle. I owe my life to this Holy Water.