Royal Red Velvet Bag. buy in conjunction with your other purchase

Royal Red Velvet Bag. buy in conjunction with your other purchase

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Buy 2 more of these to go with your ornament purchase. 
(don't forget to buy 2 more Certificates as well)

Hang the ornament on your tree until Christmas, then give them out as a gift to friends and family.

Need a Jaw Dropping experience?

World Class Presentation

Such a unique gift for any occassion. Whether you choose a hand-made, holy soil rosary or you treat yourself to our Gold Series wax dipped holy water vial, you are sure to be impressed.

Blessed Directly by Pope

Imported direct from the St. Peter's Basilica located within the Vatican Grounds. We receive 2-3 small batches every year with limited pour runs to #'d /100.

Feels great to donate!

All profits go to charity, families in need, homeless aid and our local pet shelters. Help us, help you. Thank you for all your support.


The reports of some of our customers healing experiences are truly astounding. We've been using this blessed water at our church for 15 years and it's amazing that now we get to share our experience with others throughout the world.

WHO's ready to heal?

Check out our prayers or make up your own. Be creative, thoughtful and present. Be ready to heal and in a positive space when using to achieve best results.