Holy Water Vial Sealed & Stamped with Hanging Cross ✞ Authentic Pope Francis Blessed Catholic Water from Vatican City ✞ Choose Your Size!

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This water is extremely powerful and may be used for healing and blessing purposes. Miracles are possible as long as you have faith and prayer.

This Vial is Sealed with blessed Waxed and sealed with a holy cross stamp dated 1578.

This limited edition hanging cross holy water vial will surely impress anyone that lays their eyes on it. Pray with it, use it or give it as a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

Don't feel guilty for missing church or what you did last Friday night, bless yourself anytime, repent sin on the go! 

This is an extremely rare opportunity to own Authentic & Pure Holy Water Blessed by Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome in Vatican City. We obtain a few liters every 180 days, shipped directly from Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican City, Rome. 

Our church member's have been utilizing this impossible-to-obtain water since 1994. We understand the healing power and energy around the prolonged use of holy water, but the users of the specific water have reported such great and astounding feats, that one of our members built this entire website around it. From basic blessings & physical healing to curing schizophrenia & alleviating/forcing cancer into remission. 

  • Every Lot is Limited Production and includes a Certificate Hand Numbered to 100!

Thousands of Vials Donated! 

 Add a vial to Baptism or Christening water for an extra special experience and a healing aura that lasts a lifetime. 

What's included:  Select your size.       

  (ONE) Genuine Pure Holy Water Vial With Hanging Cross    
  (ONE) Official Hand Numbered Certificate            
  (ONE) Beautiful Gold & Royal Red Velvet Pouch         
  A Shipping Box w/ Natural Wood Excelsior Packing

Genuine Product of Vatican City.

These are made to order & they are made by hand. 

 A Million Uses... Use this Blessed Holy water for a Baptism, Exorcism, Haunted House, Warding off Spirits, Cleansing souls, Renouncing Satan, Disdain Sin, Banish Demons, Heal the Sick & Bless Yourself, Family, House, Car, Work Space, Pets, etc...

 High Quality Glass Vial with screw top (instead of cork, which discolors water) Beautiful Carrying Pouch, Presentation Box & Natural Wood Excelsior Packing included. The Cross Color will be randomly chosen: Silver tone or Gold Tone. 

 Hand Made! Beautiful upon opening for the first time! Always Glass Vials, Never Plastic! 

 #1 Supplier of High Quality Holy Water Worldwide. Fast Shipping! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Great Gift to protect your Love ones! 


Thank You & God Bless!